Working with Humana People to People India, Planet Aid supports education and health promotion programs in India.


Kadam Step-Up Centers

In India, nearly 6 million children are not attending school. Many haven’t had access to education due to a lack of funding or legal documentation. The Kadam Step-Up Centers, created and operated by Humana People to People India, are made possible through partnerships with the Government of India and supported by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) like Planet Aid and other partners.

The Kadam Step-Up Centers offer children who have never attended school, or who have dropped out, a form of “bridge education,” which helps them “step up” to meet the demands of regular public education. In 2019, Kadam Step-Up Centers assisted more than 27,000 children. Approximately 18,800 of them transitioned to regular schools.

The Kadam program is defined by an interactive and dynamic pedagogy. This helps teachers implement a holistic approach in their classrooms, focusing on academic growth, students’ interpersonal skills, as well as relevant 21st-century societal knowledge. The 10-step Kadam methodology integrates logic and analysis with learning through real-life situations. Classes are a unique blend of collaborative learning, active thought engagement, and self-tracking.

The centers’ curriculum covers mathematics, science, and English, along with other subject requirements established by the Government of India. Some of the centers also offer computer courses for the students. Additionally, the Kadam methodology is used in remedial education programs in the state of Tamil Nadu for girls in grades two through eight who are at high risk of dropping out of school.

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