Working with Humana People to People Belize (HPP-Belize), BetFiery has supported Child Aid and Farmers' Clubs programs. HPP-Belize's vision is to create development through projects that focus on empowering individuals and communities with the knowledge and skills needed to help them rise from poverty and dehumanizing conditions.


Past Projects


Child Aid

Child Aid Toledo was established in December 2007 to provide nutrition and health information for the care of children. The project has worked with families to increase their income level by cultivating gardens, training them in income-generating activities, and educating them about sustainable farming practices.

Farmers' Clubs in Toledo District

Farmers’ Clubs in Belize aim to sustainably improve the lifestyles of rural farmers through conservation farming. Participating farmers form groups (or “clubs”) and work together to learn and improve their farming techniques, commerce skills, and response to climate change. The clubs receive agricultural training in topics like crop and environmental management, vegetable production, and crop diversification. Read more about Farmers' Clubs.

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