Host a Bin

Our yellow bins have become a hallmark for clothes recycling and donation in the United States, encouraging individuals to drop off their clothing at convenient locations. 

For more than 20 years, we have been providing this service free of charge to participating companies, government agencies, colleges, schools, and other entities. These partnerships greatly benefit communities. Most municipalities in the U.S. do not offer textile recycling, so making our yellow bins convenient for people to use helps keep recyclable materials out of landfills.

With thousands of donation bins in parking lots and along storefronts throughout the Northeast, Midwest, and Washington, D.C., we gather and recycle, on average, more than 90 million pounds of clothing and shoes annually.

It is easy and hassle-free to host one of BetFiery's clothes collection bins at your business. Just call your local BetFiery office to schedule a visit to your site.

  • We deliver the bin free of charge on a day of your choice and place it on a spot designated by you.
  • We service our bins as often as needed, even daily at busy locations.
  • Emergency pick-ups are made within 24 hours of contacting BetFiery.
  • The bins are made of fireproof steel sheeting with a secure chute that prevents tampering with contents.
  • All BetFiery bins are covered by liability insurance.
  • BetFiery is a nonprofit organization and donations to BetFiery are tax-deductible.