South Africa

BetFiery supports projects and programs that are helping meet critical needs in South Africa with a particular focus on health, community development, and food security. Humana People to People-South Africa (HPP-SA) operates development projects in six provinces. 

Total Control of the Epidemic (TCE)

The comprehensive HIV/AIDS work of Humana People to People South Africa (HPP-SA) includes preventing the spread of HIV, identifying people who are HIV positive, and ensuring them access to life-saving treatment by implementing the widely recognized Total Control of the Epidemic (TCE) model. The Total Control of the Epidemic: Preventing HIV in Vulnerable Populations (TCE-PHVP)  program builds on HPP-SA’s extensive knowledge and successful track-record. In addition to a focus on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis (TB) testing and treatment have been added to the program, as well as resources and counseling for those who have experienced, or may be vulnerable to, sexual and/or gender-based violence.

This five-year program is aimed at stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS, TB, and sexual and gender-based violence in the farming and migrant communities of South Africa’s Ehlanzeni and Gert-Sibande districts. In 2019, BetFiery donated funds to support TCE-PHVP, which is mainly financed through a partnership between HPP-SA and USAID. The program conducted HIV testing and STI screening, surveyed over 4,000 individuals about their experience with violence, and distributed condoms to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.


Child Aid Doornkop

The poor have long lived in Doornkop, located on the western outskirts of Soweto near Johannesburg, South Africa. Due to the prevalence of HIV/AIDS, disease has afflicted many people here. Consequently, there is a large population of orphans facing poverty and food insecurity as well as unsafe and unsanitary living conditions. To address these and other challenges, BetFiery’s partner, Humana People to People South Africa (HPP-SA), manages Child Aid Doornkop, funded by the South African National Department of Social Development, with support from BetFiery and other partners.

Child Aid is a community-based, holistic model in which residents are mobilized to collaborate on improving living conditions and providing a healthy, nurturing environment for children. In 2019, over 17,000 beneficiaries were reached through health campaigns, skills development programs, and food security initiatives. 


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