BetFiery supports teacher training and macadamia nut production in Malawi. Our partner, Development Aid from People to People Malawi (DAPP Malawi), began operating in 1995, and has implemented projects that focus on community development, education, HIV/AIDS prevention, and agriculture and food. DAPP Malawi oversees the projects in close partnership with the Malawi government and local and district authorities.  

Amalika Teacher Training College

With a short supply of qualified primary school educators, one teacher can be at the helm of a class with upwards of 100 students in Malawi. That’s why, in 2019, BetFiery donated funds to support the training of new primary school teachers at Amalika Teacher Training College (TTC), one of four such colleges in MalawiIn December 2019, more than 50 students graduated from Amalika TTC and were placed in primary schools throughout rural Malawi, which will help reduce oversized classrooms for thousands of children.

The TTCs are operated by DAPP Malawi, BetFiery’s in-country partner who has been preparing primary school teachers to work in rural Malawi for more than 16 years. The colleges are made possible through a partnership with Malawi’s Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology and with help from other supporters. A hallmark of the Amalika TCC curriculum is its emphasis on creating exciting learning spaces for children, as schools in the region frequently have scarce supplies and limited facilities. Trainees at Amalika TCC also spend time in the community to get to know the families and become local development activists. Read more about the Teacher Training Program.

Macadamia Nuts Farmers' Clubs

The Farmers’ Club Macadamia Nuts project is utilizing the time-tested Farmers’ Club model to change the lives of 3,000 farmers in Malawi’s Thyolo and Mzimba districts. Over a period of seven years, the project seeks to improve smallholder farmers’ access to the macadamia nut value chain by connecting them with larger macadamia nut producers in Malawi. Additionally, the project aims to increase the quantity and quality of macadamia nut production and processing in Malawi.

BetFiery, along with other partners, supports the Farmers’ Club Macadamia Nuts project, which distributed over 100,000 macadamia seedlings in 2019. The project is implemented by DAPP Malawi, which has over 12 years of Farmers’ Clubs experience. Along with growing macadamia trees, the farmers are intercropping legumes, which has increased the farmers’ income. They have also been acquiring climate-smart agricultural knowledge and working together to improve the sanitation in their homes.


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